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How to Overcome Laziness
Fact of the matter is, you will hear many entrepreneurs complain that building a company from the ground up requires a lot of sacrifice and leaves you with very little time to yourself, and I’ll admit, this is very much true, but that doesn’t mean that all your time and energy should be focused solely on the current problems you are trying to solve.
tantum family dance off lip sync
Tatum Family – Lip Sync Battle Of the Ages!
When you have two people married and not afraid to take the gloves off in a lip sync battle, well, you kind of get… this! Not sure if we are more impressed by Jenna’s striptease or Channing’s impersonation of Beyonce WITH Beyonce. Just kidding, Jenna’s the winner here, who cares about Channing crossdressing. Big respect… View Article
Dear LinkedIn – It’s Time To Grow
Yes, I love LinkedIn, but as in any loving relationship I feel the need to let the other side know there are some things preventing me from growing together. Too harsh? I think not. Let’s look at the facts.
Skopje Park Autumn Photos
Autumn in Skopje City Park
Skopje City Park is wonderful in all seasons, but its true beauty comes to life only in Autumn. Yes, Autumn in Skopje is absolutely the best.
Camera Created Inferno
Camera Created Inferno
Watching tons of movies that take your breath away? Most of them are CGI, and we’ve already grown accustomed to the awesome effects there. But what happens when we see something so spectacular and find out it actually isn’t CGI? On that occasion we present to you Mitch Martinez’s camera created Inferno! How did he… View Article
Instagram is now 400 million strong
Instagram Hits 400 Million Users and Passes Twitter
Instagram has just announced on its blog that it’s now a community of 400 million strong! With this milestone reached the photo sharing social network is now bigger than its longtime rival Twitter.
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