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“Amongst Us” – New York City Moments By Nathalie Basoski
New York City is magical, and the short video by Nathalie Basoski “Amongst Us” is a perfect representation of what an average day in New York looks like.
Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake Are Back – History of Rap 6!
There are some things that are so epic you constantly hope to see more of them, and when you do, you simply lose it. History of rap is one of those things!
Apple 2015 Event in 6 Minutes
If you are like me and you want to get the gist of the Apple event without watching the whole thing then this short recap video will do it.
How to skin a watermelon
Watermelon Skinning – Best Party Trick Ever
Yes, there are two watermelons in play. In the end it all looks like one amazing watermelon mastery and you end up looking like a boss.
Hillary Clinton Does Social Media Well
Yep, Hillary Clinton is looking for a new job on LinkedIn. Applying for President in 2016.
Google's got a new logo
Google Now Has a New Logo
Not particularly impressed by the new logo, but the video showing Google’s evolution is pretty damn good. Here’s to new things, changes and innovation.
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