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Kung Fury Full Movie HD
The full movie – Kung Fury – is finally out and now you can watch it for free in all its 80’s caricature greatness!
Durex - Japanese Kama Sutra Sex Positions
Durex – Japanese Kama Sutra
Durex launched a super cool campaign for clothes-on Japanese Kama Sutra positions, and it looks awesome. Totally tasteful, and very hot.
Fiji Water Hotel
Fiji – A Little Slice of Heaven
Time to clear your mind and enjoy the aerial view of the wonderful floater water bar in Fiji.
Dubai Flying Jetpack Man
Jetpack Man: Is It a Man, Is It a Plane?
An amazing video of a man flying around Dubai using a jetpack. Yes folks, the Sci-Fi movies from the past are coming true.
Awesome Waving Kodiak Bear
Chillin’ Like a Bear Boss
Despite being ultimately really freakin’ scary when hungry in the wild, bears can also be extremely cool (not sure about the cuddly part, still).
Couples Doing Yoga
A Whole New Level of Yoga
Who says couples can’t have fun together while doing yoga? Here are some amazing videos of yoga taken on a whole new level of coolness.
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