How to Overcome Laziness

February 12, 2017 6:37 pm

No, this is not a tutorial on how to overcome laziness, and no I don’t have all the answers on what to do when laziness settles so far in that you can’t help but say “Fuck it, it’s who I am”. What this article will focus on are the reasons I needed to write such a how-to piece in the first place. With that said, let’s dive into the problem head first.

You got fooled

For starters, let’s define laziness. Is it that I am generally lazy that bugs me, or is it maybe a certain aspect of my work that I find particularly annoying? Is it the lack of time, motivation, or am I just generally fed up with work as it is? These questions seemed logical to me, as I dove into an in-depth analysis of myself and my dissatisfaction with how I have become.

Laziness, and the way I perceive it has to do with creativity. To me being creative is actually doing something creative, which often time requires focus, a clear head and dedication. The problem, to begin with, lays in the fact that I considered (and probably still do consider) myself to be creative across the board.

Yes, to me being creative is not limited to just writing, copywriting, photographing, videographing, or any other form of expressing oneself, but to the actual process and execution. That being said, over the years I had developed a number of skills that made me good at expressing my creativity, but all of which required a constant commitment to their maintenance. I had my own website/mini portal in Macedonian, I have this blog, I have the numerous social media accounts where I communicate different things and yet slowly, but surely, I have let them all gone to waste simply because of… well, you guessed it, I became lazy!


Big deal, you’ll say. So, what!? We’ve all started things we couldn’t finish, projects that weren’t that successful, ideas that were just too little, too late, and you don’t see us writing a column about it. True, but here’s what’s bugging me. All of these projects and creative attempts of mine HAVE BEEN successful. The result? A published novel in Macedonian currently on its THIRD edition, a successful company with my partners that embodied everything I ever wanted to do, and many other things that have been made possible due to my individual and team efforts at being creative.

Fact of the matter is, you will hear many entrepreneurs complain that building a company from the ground up requires a lot of sacrifice and leaves you with very little time to yourself, and I’ll admit, this is very much true, but that doesn’t mean that all your time and energy should be focused solely on the current problems you are trying to solve.

So, what’s the cure, Doc? What medicine would you prescribe to an ailing patient such as myself?

Well, first, I would recommend writing (doing so as we speak, ‘cause these words ain’t gonna write themselves, right?). Write just about anything that comes to mind, like this failed attempt on how to overcome laziness.

Second, try to tackle more than one problem with the attempted solution. To me any attempt at something tangible such as a column like this gets my creative juices flowing and gets me thinking on how to incorporate other creative things I do into it. Thus, this lovely image from my recent trip (read: honeymoon) in Cuba. There, just below this paragraph.

A wonderful car in Havana

Third, comes planning. Once you start, you shouldn’t really stop, regardless of your excuses. I find that the worst problems people have are connected to beginnings, and it’s a damn shame to stop once you’ve begun something. So, let this column be the beginning of me jumping back on that creative train.

I guess a list is required, just to spice things up. In the spirit of combating that terrible monster dubbed laziness I shall, hereby, commit myself to several goals this year (yes, annual planning is my thing, so bite me):

  1. Finish my second novel by spring
  2. Translate my current novel into English (because world fame awaits on every corner; or may not)
  3. Get this blog up and running the way a professional and creative blog should look like
    1. Write more about social media/digital marketing
    2. Write more travel posts where I can use my wonderful photos of all the places I’ve visited. Yes, the photos are wonderful, who made you an expert on photography?! Oh, you’re a photographer, sorry then.
  4. Reboot into its former glory and even recruit more people to work on it
  5. Generally, never stop writing – because it comes in handy in all said endeavors.

life goals

Fourth, and last, is having a sponsor. Sure, a paying sponsor would do, but that’s not particularly, what I had in mind. A sponsor, like on an AA meeting, a special someone that will help you get back on track each time you’re feeling you’re in a slump.

Last, but not least, your selfish motive. We can all sit here and try to fool ourselves that the only reason we are doing this (whatever this maybe to you) is for a nobler cause, but the fact of the matter is, we all do things for selfish reasons. Me, I do this because I love to reach out to people that want to think outside the box, and maybe even touch likeminded creative people and connect and learn from them. That, and making more money so I can travel more often. There, I said it.

In conclusion, regardless of how many times you cussed my ass out, if you did end up reading this whole anti-laziness piece of writing, then maybe my attempt wasn’t as unsuccessful as I thought it might be. We developed a five-step rule, we analyzed some shit, and we came up with a conclusion. Now, get back to work, I don’t have time for you anymore, I need to edit some photos of mine. Later!

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