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Dear LinkedIn – It’s Time To Grow
Yes, I love LinkedIn, but as in any loving relationship I feel the need to let the other side know there are some things preventing me from growing together. Too harsh? I think not. Let’s look at the facts.
Instagram is now 400 million strong
Instagram Hits 400 Million Users and Passes Twitter
Instagram has just announced on its blog that it’s now a community of 400 million strong! With this milestone reached the photo sharing social network is now bigger than its longtime rival Twitter.
Facebook is Becoming the Internet
Is Facebook steps away from becoming the Internet?
Facebook will either give some money back to its community and become the Internet or it will ultimately piss people off and contribute to them leaving.
Is it time for a Facebook Pages newsletter?
Solution? A Facebook Pages newsletter! Sounds cool and logical doesn’t it?
Facebook Problems for your Regular Marketer
Most online marketing activities are related to Facebook as the fastest growing social network with the biggest number of users by far.